My Health and Health “industry”

My Health and Health “industry”

HEALTH…for me it is simple matter of choice, as everything else in my life. We all have heard it more than once, yet still do not trust in our own control.

I look at my HEALTH as MY BIRTHRIGHT ! I am very firm on it !

I do not allow any outside programming influence how I should feel or act !

The “industries” of medicine, Big Pharma or insurance that are “selling their goods” have no power over my decisions.

I am watching with sadness at the people around me who succumb into the market programming, who are looking for security in regular medical check ups, who rely on “preventive” medicine and buying  expensive and excessive insurances in hope to stay healthy. I believe that as soon as I display doubt in my own perfect health, I can expect appropriate results.

So my motto is:  If I am looking for something, I should be prepared to find it.

I am having in mind those women who fear genetic cancer by checking regularly all their life as if… “is it there yet ?…”. How frightening !!

My understanding is that unless I am to experience some karmic “residue” (and then I will deal with it) I have no other  reason to find ill health.

I know, to many it sounds simplistic or naive. For me my belief is my truth !

and so it is….for me !

Financial Abundance

Financial Abundance

Yes, one more time!  This subject never gets exhausted. Here is my experience of it.

Although the term ABUNDANCE refers to broad spectrum of our life’s aspects, including health, love, happiness, career, success  et cetera , I would like to share my experience in the area of finances.

Abundance really means;

To be able to have anything we want, anytime we want it !

We seam to be confusing the security of a full bank account with abundance, while living constrained lifestyle of saving for the “rainy day”. This manner signals the fear of lack of supply and this is exactly the effect it creates!

Truly abundant is one who can live life on limited income with no concern or fear for the future, but with full trust that Universe is unlimited and abundant and will not fail in delivering whatever is required at the moment.

The key, than, is to relax into Faith and do not give into Fear !

Not easy to shake off the old beliefs, but when obtained…it prove to be miraculous !!

All your needs get met !

Phenomenon of the New Earth

Phenomenon of the New Earth

You are looking at the “celestial show” that is happening on the East over the Ocean (Florida) at the exact time the Sun is setting on the West (behind my building) !!

Both events are happening simultaneously !!  Only…what is the source of this magnificent burst of rainbow colored rays of light ?? Quite magical .

Power of mind

Power of mind

How is it that I can make a decision to “deprive myself” of food and sustain my body only with water for a period of 40 days and not only survive but not, even, feel hunger?

On the other hand,when I don’t have anything to eat for only a day or two, my stomach gives me alarming signals of “starvation” fearing the worst.

So what makes that difference and why do we decide to panic on the first sign of hunger when the meal time is missed ?

IT IS I, or rather my mind, who decides whether I am going to experience starvation or  benefit from a healthy cleansing diet !

So why not use our own mind, rather than letting ourselves being mindlessly lead by life’s programming  and believing that power controlling our Being comes from outside of us and not from within.

We have full control in every area of our lives,so USE IT MINDFULLY !

Yogis do !

My understanding of 5D existence.

My understanding of 5D existence.

I see it as extreme simplicity that creates amazing results:

1.  there are no rules to follow but my own

2.  no truths, but the one I believe in

3.  I create my own Reality

4.  I,and only I, am responsible for my life’s experience

5.  there are infinite potentials versus probabilities (as in 3D paradigm

6.  than, there is Oneness and Unconditional Love…I am not there yet !

7.  when in doubt…just BE ! Yes,that unbearable lightness of Being .

In other words, there is no guidance to follow but the one that comes from within-from Consciousness. The best part is – there is no right or wrong …it just is ! My Truth may not be your Truth and they are both right.

No following commercial, social or political structure programming – they have their own agenda ! All it requires is to be in tune with my Self not allowing destruction from the outside to affect my inner guidance.

So in short:

Devotion to my Highest Truth and Resonance  is my Guidance.

and so it is…for me !



Stepping into 5th Dimension

Stepping into 5th Dimension

The New Human Experience” a book  by Rebecca Dawson I found a month ago is the most comprehensive, complete and in detail explanation  of the Dimensional Shift and it’s meaning. It provided me with validation for my own experiences, and my Knowings and my  Beliefs that are my Truth. It assured me that they are real !

This wonderful book is my manual for daily living in 5D!  And to think that we are already living in new reality without being aware of it !

Those 3D limiting beliefs that were guiding Humanity through all those millennia are not easy to abandon. It takes very conscious way of living and making decisions to be able to step into the 5th Dimension.

Life becomes AWESOME !



The restless leg syndrome – a spasmodic leg movement can be quite a torturous experience. I would like to share a stretch that I find very effective.

Sitting up on the bed (rather than on a hard surface) in cross legged position leaning the upper body forward until the stretch in the lower back is felt. My feeling is that the spasm originates there. For me 1-2 minutes of holding the position totally eliminates the exhausting discomfort !

I hope you will find it equally helpful.


Motivation and Results

Motivation and Results

As I sit on my balcony in the dark at 5:45 a.m., I am becoming fully awake, enjoying the day, and watching a jogger making her rounds by the lake in the center of the development where I live.

This kind of activity does not appeal to me, so I wonder what really motivates her. Is it the enjoyment of the early morning, pleasure in physical exertion, or is she following the discipline of a fitness enthusiast.

It is my belief that the kind of motivation behind one’s actions, whether it is one inspired by true enjoyment or by outside pressure, makes a significant difference in the results achieved.

Personally, I refuse to force myself to doing anything against my convictions and what doesn’t resonate with me, even though the outside world tells me otherwise!

Another beautiful Florida day is approaching!


Judgement vs. Neutrality/Nonjudgement

Judgement vs. Neutrality/Nonjudgement

For a while now, I have been concentrating on eliminating my need for judgement. I am striving for nonjudgement  that lets me observe or be aware of what happens around me and accept it for what it is without classifying it emotionally as good or bad. This kind of judgement is the way to spiritual freedom!

For many months, I have been working myself up about the racket the landscapers make, creating all that (partially) unnecessary–in my “worked up” opinion–pollution and noise that reverberates among the buildings surrounding the lake in the center of the development where I live.

Unnecessary,because, in my mind, edging does not have to be done every time, and blowers are “fighting” the wind, as it were. Trimming bushes by only two inches is senseless and done much too often, hurting my Heart for the “injured” plants.

I know, it seems silly.!

I have been practicing awareness without judgement to no avail until, one day, I looked at the whole situation from the opposite side. I looked at the workers who are fulfilling their job to the best of their ability. Besides, the workers need this work to support their families, some of whom are in foreign and poor countries.

By changing my point of view, I changed my reaction!  What took me so long to mature to this approach?

Now that I have released myself from silly anxiety, I AM FREE!

I realize that my reasoning process is still in a category of judgement, it led me to a neutral conclusion. Ideally, I should have stopped on being simply AWARE  what is happening and accept it for what it is. 

Also, as far as my negative judgement is concerned, I have improved noticeably . I am able to catch myself in time and stop most of the time. I call it progress and I am happy with it!

And how good it feels!


From my Heart to Yours………………………………………….Bogna


Knowing, Alignment and Intention

Knowing, Alignment and Intention

About eight years ago, I began to experience the sensation of KNOWING, which seems to be more than intuition. I am noticing myself making new decisions based on my own belief, developing new habits with great certainty that they are right for me.

For years I have been improving the quality of my water with my intention that says: “let this water be divinely pure to purify and nourish all Life on Earth”. I was delighted to find out that the book by Dr. Masaru Emoto “The true power of water” on his work with water confirmed my KNOWING. I am convinced that making intention over anything and everything that I consume causes the adjustment of it’s properties to the benefit of my being. All my intentions always refer to more than just myself.

I never allow public opinions to influence my choices and decisions. Whatever I crave and enjoy eating simply can not be harmful to me. I trust what my body tells me. At the same time, the opposite is also true: those of us who eat feeling guilt and fear of adverse effects will experience just that.

I have learned that intention has to do with energy ALIGNMENT between the body and the food we are eating. One only needs to “instruct” one’s body to do the ALIGNMENT. Doesn’t this remind you of saying Grace at the dinning table? Creating a positive intention for our food has been done for centuries; even millennia.

My KNOWING leads me to make decisions of a different nature in other areas of my life, such as: giving up the use of a microwave (I don’t remember how and when that happened); developing a great distaste for meat, again totally unconsciously. My daily glass of wine has lost its appeal  even on social occasions.

I have ,completely, eliminated TV programming from my life and I am proud of myself. Wish I could attribute  this move to KNOWING. That was totally conscious decision !

So what makes KNOWING different from INTUITION ? I perceive INTUITION to be a message/warning from our Inner Self (from Latin : to look at, watch over) my interpretation is – pay attention. Only, mostly, it has been taken lightly and even dismissed entirely . KNOWING ,I feel, is even deeper information, one that I am not making conscious decision, it comes as unwavering KNOWING.

KNOWING and ALIGNMENT are the new “skills” for Humans as we transition into the New Paradigm of the Fifth Dimension, which started 15-20 years ago.

What do you have a KNOWING of that you aren’t paying attention to?


from my Heart to Yours…………………………..Bogna